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Flintshire Welcomes Pathfinder Leadership Role

Delyn MP and Policing Minister David Hanson has met with members of the Flintshire Community Safety Partnership to mark the news that Flintshire has been accepted as one of 12 pathfinder areas for the new neighbourhood agreements.

The Government’s new “Safe and Confident Neighbourhoods” Strategy announced this week builds on the success of neighbourhood policing and will ensure that anyone with a concern about crime and antisocial behaviour gets the assistance they need. It will also make it easier for the public to play their part in tackling crime and antisocial behaviour.

As part of this, support is being given to enable communities to negotiate and sign neighbourhood agreements on how their local services, including the police, will keep their neighbourhood safe in 12 pathfinder areas across the country – and supporting more than 100 interested areas.

In its pathfinder status, Flintshire has been allocated £5,000 to support publicity and promote community engagement with more funding in the autumn to support the publication of the agreement. The Pathfinder areas chosen in Flintshire are the Flint Cornist part of Coleshill Ward, Saltney and Sealand Manor.

Welcoming the move, Delyn MP and Policing Minister, David Hanson said:

“I am very pleased that Flintshire has awarded pathfinder status. There was a great deal of interest in the programme, with over one hundred applications. It is a credit to the Flintshire Community Safety Partnership that its application was strong enough to be selected.

“I know how well the Flintshire Community Safety Partnership is working to tackle crime and engage people at a local level. As a pathfinder, it will now be able to give even more effect to its innovative work and become a national leader in developing neighbourhood agreements.”

Supt Rob Kirman, Eastern Division, North Wales Police said:

“Flintshire Community Safety Partnership is very pleased to have been accepted as one of twelve pathfinder areas for the new neighbourhood agreements. As a partnership we are committed to giving our communities the very best service we can and this exciting new approach will give us and local communities the opportunity to build on the excellent work already being delivered across the county.”

Paul McGreary, Head of Public Protection, Flintshire County Council said:

“The award of Pathfinder Status is a reflection of the really positive and constructive partnership we have in Flintshire and will help the Partnership to build on its successes and continue to make Flintshire a safe pace to live, work and play.”

Graham Harper, Chairman, Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association said:

“Neighbourhood Agreements are an exciting new government initiative and Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association has been chosen to participate as a national ‘Pathfinder’ for the scheme. We will be working with local services, including Police to help get upstream of problems that beset or threaten local people and their neighbourhoods. It will involve helping to negotiate and agree on local needs and help people keep their neighbourhoods feeling safe and secure, respected and places they are proud to live and be part of. The initiative will initially be developed in Saltney, Sealand Manor and Coleshill, Flint and use our Online Watch Link (OWL) system, with support from Community CashBack Scheme.”

North Flintshire Inspector, Dave Roome said:

“I am delighted that the Cornist part of the Flint Coleshill ward has been selected for inclusion as one of the areas in Flintshire. This year, large reductions in crime and anti-social behaviour have taken place, thanks to the work of the Community Safety Partnership; it is now time to consolidate that success by working even more closely with local people in order to deliver the services they expect.”

He added:

“We’ve been really being pushing for people to tell us what concerns them the most. The national recognition of the ‘Balance Your Bobbies’ scheme is evidence of this.

“There is a strong tradition of neighbourhood policing here in North Wales. By working together, agencies will deliver services that people continue to value and trust, and that is why the neighbourhood agreements are so important.”

Mike of Mullis of the North Wales Criminal Justice Board said:

“The Board is delighted that Flintshire has been selected as a Pathfinder area.  The North Wales public have a right to have their say about crime and antisocial behaviour and deserve to have them promptly tackled.

“These rights-and-responsibility ‘deals’ are an important tool in public service reform. It gives North Wales’ neighbourhood management teams and their neighbourhood policing colleagues the chance to collaborate and learn from one another.  It’s a fine example of how services are working together to keep North Wales neighbourhoods safe.”

Cllr Ian Roberts, Chair of the North Wales Police Authority, said: “It is a source of some pride that this important initiative had its origins in North East Wales.


“A few years ago I worked with Inspector Paul Firth to bring together local county councillors, the police and other agencies in Wrexham South to create a joint frontagainst crime and anti-social behaviour.


“The idea has now evolved and spread well beyond the boundaries of the Eastern Division and is being put into action in communities across the UK.


“Pathfinders will require police, councils and other agencies to agree service standards with local residents – and enable the residents to hold them to account.”