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Flintshire MPs Visit Barnardo’s Families Matter Service

Flintshire MPs David Hanson and Mark Tami have visited Barnardo’s ‘Families Matter’ service in Buckley.

The Barnardo’s ‘Families Matter’ project works with families throughout Flintshire that have substance misuse issues and are currently working with 28 local families. The programme offered by the project runs for 24 weeks and offers a range of interventions including: cognitive behavioural therapy; motivational interviewing; couples work; one-to-one work; family group meetings; parenting skills; and practical support.

The parents who would be included on the programme are those:

  • Whose use of drugs or alcohol interferes with their parenting skills
  • Who have a need for the services on offer and have consented to a referral being made; and
  • Whose children may benefit from an improvement in their family circumstances.

The pilot project has been running for 18 months and is funded by the Welsh Assembly Government.

David Hanson said:

“Barnardo’s in Flintshire provide a range of important services supporting people when they are at their most vulnerable.

“I very much welcomed the opportunity to learn more about the ‘Families Matter’ project and meeting with some of the users of the service.”

Mark Tami said:

“This service has already had a positive impact on families and communities across Flintshire. By reducing parental substance misuse and enabling families to function more effectively children can grow up in a safer environment.”

Sarah Matthews, Barnardo’s Cymru Families Matter, said:

“It’s natural for all families to experience difficulties, but in some families these difficulties can develop into unhealthy or destructive relationships, particularly when substance misuse is involved.  Help from someone outside the immediate family unit is often all it takes for families to start expressing themselves more positively and learn to tackle their issues together.”