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Figures Mix-Up Sparks Fresh Calls for Review over Flint Court Proposed Closure

Delyn MP David Hanson has called on the Government to review its propose decision to close Flint Magistrates Court, after it emerged that the costs of running the Court, on which the decision was made, turned out to be wildly inflated. 

David Hanson said:

“I have always believed that there has been a case for keeping Flint Magistrates Court open and in light of that I have been making representations to the Coalition Government in Westminster.

“I was told in September that the service changes for the Court were over £75,000 per annum. On querying this I was then told that the service charges were wildly inflated in 2009/10 because of “extraordinary items”. In effect the normal service charge would have been just £10,637.

“When the Government came to set out its proposals for closure it was claiming that operating costs were some £65,000 more than they actually would be in the next few years.

“I will now be demanding that the decision be reviewed as it is clear that the costs of operating the Court are considerably less than first thought.”