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Falls in real wages and the VAT hike

The cost of living continues to be a real source of concern for many people in Flintshire, and last week government figures revealed that real wages for people across the country have been dropping consistently since 2010 – the longest period of falls since at least 1964.  This also comes as new figures released at the weekend showed families in Flintshire have paid an average of £1,300 a year more in tax after the Westminster Government’s VAT hike in 2011.

When the prices of fuel, energy and other essentials are consistently rising the fall in wages and additional VAT burden from this Government is hitting people in Flintshire particularly hard.  The figures show that couples with children in our area have now paid out on average £1,350 more since the 2011 election as a result of the change, with pensioner couples in north Wales paying £825 and single parent families an extra £625.

This just isn’t acceptable and is leaving people across Flintshire struggling just to get by with their everyday essentials.  I think the Government needs to do much more to support our local economy, give people the help they need and stop the spiralling prices that are causing so much misery.  Those earning over £150,000 have had a tax break under this government but despite these figures showing just how difficult life is at the moment, the Government hasn’t offered any support for ordinary people here in Flintshire.  I don’t think this is acceptable so I’ll keep working hard to push them to change.