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Derek Vaughan MEP to Hold Weekly Outreach Surgery in Flint

I am working with my European Parliament counterpart, Derek Vaughan MEP, to ensure that the people of Flintshire can speak to their elected representative in the European Union.

Every Wednesday Derek Vaughan’s staff will be hosting an outreach program to help people from Flintshire engage with the European Parliament. The European Parliament is important to all our lives as it formulates new laws and budgets.

Wales is a net beneficiary of the European Union and it has never been more important to get involved in what our MEPs are doing.

I am greatly looking forward to having Derek Vaughan’s team working from our office to ensure that the people of Flintshire have their voice heard in the European Parliament.

The European Union has become an important part of all our lives, and Derek’s initiative to reach out to people is an excellent idea.

Mr Vaughan said:

“As MEP for all of Wales, I am keen to ensure I am accessible to as many people as possible, from all parts of Wales.

“In North Wales, I already have an office in Wrexham, and an outreach office in Anglesey. Now I am delighted to have an office, available on Wednesday mornings, in Flint, for advice and queries.