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Delyn safer than most

New figures released show that Delyn is safer than the national average for burglaries. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take these five easy steps to help secure your home and reduce the likelihood of burglary.

Five top tips for safeguarding your home include:
1. Always keep doors and windows locked when your home is unoccupied and when you’re asleep at night
2. Install timers on your lights, so they come on at night when you’re not home
3. Ensure items of value are kept away from easy view through windows and don’t leave house or car keys where they can be reached through a letterbox
4. Install and use a suitable alarm system and join a Neighbourhood Watch scheme
5. Ensure your home contents insurance is fully up to date and provides enough cover for all your belongings

Taking these five easy steps is crucial, as MoneySuperMarket’s data shows that Delyn has a rate of 9.0 such claims per every 1000 quotes.

These findings come after MoneySuperMarket analysed two million home insurance quotes run over the last two years. Overall, the tracker found that London is the UK’s burglary claims capital, home to 16 of the top 20 hotspots, with South Tulse Hill and Dulwich postal district SE21 identified as the number one claims hotspot, with a rate of 61.2 such claims per 1,000 quotes.

Despite burglaries in Delyn being below the national average, MoneySuperMarket’s research highlights that people must remain vigilant to protect their homes from theft.

I would urge all of my constituents to take care of their homes by taking these five easy precautions.