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Delyn MP’s concern about Flintshire’s home repossession hotspot

Delyn MP David Hanson has expressed concern for Flintshire residents ability to pay their mortgages after new statistics revealed a postcode in Flintshire had three times as many home repossessions in the last quarter there as the national average.

Mr Hanson MP was speaking after the new data showed a jump in home repossessions in the Flintshire CH6 postcode as people have struggle to keep up their mortgage payments.

Mr Hanson called for the Government to do more to support people in Flintshire who are suffering under the costs of living crisis affecting many, with stagnant wages being outstripped by spiralling living costs and energy prices.  Payments have been made even more difficult for many as Flintshire has suffered the biggest wage cut in Wales since the financial crisis started, with a drop of nearly £3,000 a year for the average Flintshire wage under this government.

Delyn MP David Hanson said:

“These figures paint a worrying picture of just how difficult some people in Flintshire are finding life at the moment, as many are simply unable to keep up their repayments and so are losing their home.

The government need to take action to tackle the cost of living crisis that has exploded on their watch, and as winter hits they should start by curbing energy prices by freezing them now to help people cope with the increasingly high cost of living. ”