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Delyn MP Welcomes Bedroom Tax Vote

Local MP, David Hanson, has welcomed the result of the vote on the bedroom tax last Friday which saw MPs, including Mr. Hanson, vote in favour of a bill which could lead to more exemptions from the bedroom tax.

Last week MPs, including the MP for Delyn David Hanson, voted in favour of a bill which could see more people being made exempt from the bedroom tax, the passing of the bill. David Hanson MP welcomed the result and has called for the bill to go further.

The Delyn MP, David Hanson, has long campaigned against the bedroom tax and has promised to carry on campaigning for it to be abolished completely. The bedroom tax has affected over 1500 people in Flintshire.

Speaking after the vote David Hanson said:

“This tax is hitting the people of Flintshire hard so I am pleased that Parliament has voted to pass a law that will see many more people in Flintshire end up exempt from the bedroom tax. However. I do not believe that this bill goes far enough and I would like to see the bedroom tax abolished at the earliest possible opportunity.

I have opposed the implementation of this tax and have voted against the bedroom tax on many occasions. I shall continue to campaign for the abolishment of the bedroom tax, as I believe that it is unfair and unjust.”