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Delyn MP joins local Ramblers for ‘Parliament week’

Delyn MP David Hanson has joined up with the Clwydian group of the Ramblers Association? to celebrate their involvement in ‘Parliament Week’ which is running between the 14th – 20th November 2014 with a programme of events and activities taking place throughout to connect people across the UK with Parliament and democracy.

The Ramblers is a partner of ‘Parliament Week’ and to help raise awareness of this are holding a number of planned and guided walks.  The meeting was a chance for the ramblers to meet and talk and share views on Parliament, and the various political issues of the day and to raise with their mp the ramblers manifesto on policy for government

David Hanson MP said:

“Parliament week is an important time to help connect people across Flintshire and the country with the important work that happens in Parliament, so I’m glad the Clwydian Ramblers Association are taking part to help raise awareness of these issues .I support the manifesto they have produced which asks government to look at the health benefits of walking and to support continued open rights of way

I hope people from across the area can come and get involved in the events this week for more information on local walks with the ramblers go to”