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Delyn MP demands better minimum wage enforcement by Government

Delyn MP David Hanson has called on the Government to do more to enforce the National Minimum Wage (NMW) after it emerged that despite government promises last year, not a single firm has been named and shamed for not paying.

In a debate in the House of Commons Mr Hanson backed calls from Labour colleagues to ensure that more is done to stop the exploitation of workers and for the minimum wage to be enforced after it was revealed that the Government has brought forward any examples of companies it has caught breaking the law.

This year sees the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the National Minimum Wage and the debate also revealed the fact that the National Minimum Wage is worth less in real terms than it was when the Government took office in May 2010 meaning many people are much worse off.  As part of the debate Mr Hanson backed calls for the Government to do more to encourage employers to pay a living wage given the cost of living crisis that has happened since 2010.

David Hanson MP said:

“The National Minimum Wage is one of the proudest achievements of the last government and has made a huge contribution in Flintshire over the last 15 years in boosting living standards, but it’s vital that more work is done to ensure employers aren’t breaking this law and exploiting local workers.

Last year ministers promised to name and shame firms which aren’t paying, but not a single firm has been named so far and I just don’t think this is good enough.  The government should accept my calls for higher penalties for rogue companies who don’t pay employees the minimum wage including by giving local authorities new powers.

At a time when families are being hit by a cost-of-living crisis made under this Government, the value of the minimum wage is dropping so I believe the government need to now strengthen the National Minimum Wage and do more to encourage employers to pay a living wage.”