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Delyn MP calls for immediate action to end chaos in Carer’s support

Delyn MP David Hanson has called for immediate Government action following an announcement from the Flintshire Citizens advice Bureau that carer’s could lose significant economic support when the minimum wage rises because of disjointed  government rules over tax credits and Carers allowances.

Mr Hanson MP has written to Treasury and Department for Work and Pensions Ministers to outline his strong concern over the warnings from Flintshire CAB that Carers may be worse off after a national increases in the minimum wage, leaving them in a particularly difficult and vulnerable position.  In his letter to the Minister’s responsible, Mr Hanson MP confirmed his support for both a minimum wage and a living wage, and for the planned increase in the Minimum wage.  However, he called on the Government to immediately change and clarify the complex rules around Carers allowances and tax credits so that the planned rise doesn’t have a negative effect on those it is supposed to help.

Mr Hanson MP said:

“Carers in our community do an important and difficult job of looking after their vulnerable family members whilst trying to balance their own lives and it is simply unacceptable that they might lose out because the government’s complicated rules on tax credits and allowances don’t stack up.  I support a strong minimum wage, and think it should be increased, ideally to an actual UK standard living wage, but unless the government eases these complex rules the rises designed to help people may actually cost them money.

Many Carers work part time to help support their family and the person they are caring for, so it is essential that they are able to benefit from the national minimum wage increase.  The Government urgently need to solve the complicated and unnecessary arrangements that might cause harm to people doing a great deal of good.”