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Delyn MP calls for better rail links for Flintshire

Delyn MP David Hanson has called for stronger rail links for Flintshire in a meeting in Parliament this week to improve transport infrastructure for the region.

Mr Hanson made his remarks in a Parliamentary meeting with staff from the North Wales Regional Leadership Board. The board, which involves councils from across Wales, has been working to build a strong case showing how specific changes to rail services – including the electrification of lines – will bring clear benefits to North Wales, and Mr Hanson provided them with more evidence of the positive effect it would have for Flintshire.

Many of the benefits would be to the economy – including better connections between businesses and easier movement of employees. MPs were told during today’s meeting that a link from Holyhead to Crewe or Warrington with an electrified line could provide millions of pounds’ worth of boost to the economy – whereas a link between Chester and Crewe alone could harm the economy.

Other benefits include quicker and better rail links for rail users across the region – and the chance to encourage people to use the railways, rather than the roads, and cut congestion on major roads serving North Wales.

David Hanson MP said:

“There is a pressing need for a plan for rail to serve both north Wales and north west England, so it’s really positive that local councils and MPs on both sides of the border recognize and are pressing for the economic benefits of electrification, and new rail links to Liverpool. It’s vital that the case is made to benefit the economy of north Wales and to reduce future and current traffic congestion on our roads and help our environment.”?