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Delyn MP backs Bishop’s call over Welfare reforms

Delyn MP David Hanson has backed the 27 Anglican bishops and 16 other clergy in their unprecedented call for the government to do more to support the poorest and most vulnerable in the UK.

Mr Hanson has supported the Bishops in their criticism of the Government’s welfare policy and their call for the government to rethink the support offered to the poorest and most vulnerable after recent figures showed that an estimated 1567 people in Flintshire could lose up to £880 pounds because of the government’s bedroom tax.

In their letter the Anglican bishops and other faith leaders say the Prime Minister has a “moral duty” to act on the growing number going hungry and to ensure people are not going hungry and being forced to use foodbanks because of cut backs and failures in the benefit system.  Recent data showed the Bedroom Tax alone hits over 400,000 disabled people nationwide, and potentially 1567 people in Flintshire, leading to concerns that it may mean vulnerable people face a significant struggle to cope with the ever rising cost of living.

David Hanson MP said:

“The Flintshire foodbank and its volunteers work hard to do their best and provide help for people in the area who are really struggling, but I agree with the Bishops that people simply shouldn’t have to need to use a foodbank in the first place.

It should be a source of shame for this government that their policies, and the delays and problems implementing them, have meant more and more people are having to turn to foodbanks just to get by.  It’s unacceptable that people who need support from the government aren’t getting it and are facing such a tough time just to get by.”