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David Hanson MP welcomes Superfast Broadband Roll-Out

After much campaigning by communities in Delyn for Superfast Broadband to reach North Wales we are finally starting to see the roll-out begin. Wales has been allocated over £69 million of funding for the implementation of the Superfast Broadband Programme.

In Delyn there are 32,088 premises and it is estimated that currently 9,303 premises have benefited from superfast coverage through commercial roll-out. By June 2017 a further 21,062 will receive upgraded Broadband under the publicly supported programme, of which 15,843 have already received coverage so far.

This is welcome news indeed. For too long rural communities have been left behind whilst the rest of the country sped off with ever faster Broadband. Everything from banking, shopping and filling in your tax forms is now done online and it is only fair that everyone in Delyn has access to Superfast Broadband.

However, more is still needed to be done. There are still large areas of Flintshire that are still using dial-up, let alone standard broadband. I am trying to secure a meeting with officials to ensure that Superfast Broadband reaches everyone in Delyn.