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David Hanson MP Backs Shopworkers Call for Respect

Delyn MP David Hanson is backing a campaign by the retail Union Usdaw to tackle abuse against shopworkers after a survey found one third of shopworkers are subjected to vicious verbal abuse every month.


The Flintshire MP joined shopworkers in Westminster to sign up to Usdaw’s Freedom from Fear campaign and to remind shoppers that ‘It’s your store – respect it’.


David Hanson said:


“I am shocked that a recent survey by Usdaw shows that over one-third of shopworkers are verbally abused every month in their workplaces where they should be able to work free from mindless abuse.  I was particularly concerned that a quarter of staff suffer abuse weekly, and that one in ten shopworkers are verbally abused on a daily basis.


“Shops are the heart of our communities here in Delyn and I know what an essential service they provide to local residents.  But if we don’t tackle a significant minority of shoppers who believe that it is acceptable to abuse shop staff, then we could lose those local stores as retailers seek to protect their workers.


“I’ve supported a wide range of measures introduced by the Government that could make a real difference to the working lives of retail staff including Anti-Social Behaviour Orders and Acceptable Behaviour Contracts.  Those tough options should be available to tackle persistent offenders which would give shopworkers some much needed protection from a minority of shoppers who think it is acceptable to abuse shop staff”.


John Hannett, Usdaw General Secretary said:


“Our members in Delyn are delighted to have the support of David who has been a consistent supporter of our Freedom from Fear Campaign over the last five years.


“Usdaw has worked hard with retailers to improve in-store security that has helped protect staff but we are urging a minority of shoppers in Delyn who abuse staff to change their behaviour and respect shop workers who are only doing their best to serve their communities.


“Usdaw members need the back-up of their local Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership who have tough powers to tackle anti-social behaviour and the support of David Hanson is vital in making sure that retailers can effectively work with their local Partnership”.