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David Hanson Meets Climate Change Campaigners

David Hanson MP met with two climate change campaigners from Flintshire yesterday who were in Parliament to raise awareness and concerns with the government over climate change and discussed with Mr.Hanson what they would like to see done to tackle climate change.

Two campaigners from Delyn met with their MP, David Hanson, yesterday to discuss with him their concerns over climate change and lobby the government over the issues surrounding climate change and the impact that it has.

David Hanson met his two constituents, who visited Parliament to campaign against climate change, at their request and discussed with them climate change and promised that he would continue to hold the government to account over climate change.

David Hanson MP said;

“I am always pleased to meet constituents who visit Parliament to raise concerns that are important to them. Climate Change is a serious issue and I believe that it is important that all political parties work together to tackle climate change and the impact it will have on the planet in the long term.

In my role as MP it is my job to meet my constituents and raise in Parliament issues that matter to them.”