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Date set to present WASPI Petition to Parliament

I will be presenting petitions gathered and collected by WASPI campaigners to parliament on the 11th October 2016.

In the mid-1990s the then Conservative Government introduced legislation to make bring the State Pension Age of women come into line with men. However, many women were not notified of the increase in their state pension age until very recently, leaving them with very little time to prepare for the change in the law.

There has been a long running campaign within parliament to introduce transitional arrangements to help women prepare for the increase in their state pension retirement age. Recently a vote took place on a motion to implement these arrangements and the House of Commons voted overwhelmingly for these new measures, with 158 MPs voting aye compared to 0 against the motion.

I have worked with WASPI campaigners to collect signatures from Delyn residents. These signatures will be submitted at the end of parliamentary business on October 11th along with all other MPs who have collected signatures. It is expected that many MPs will be submitting this petition to parliament demonstrating once again that the country does not believe that the changes being implemented by the Government should be.

The changes to the state pension age for women born in the 1950s is causing distress for many people living in Delyn. I have been campaigning alongside the families of those being hit hard by these changes to ensure the Government does the right thing and introduce transitionary measures.

WASPI women and men have worked hard to collect signatures in Delyn, and I am happy to have been able to make that happen. We now have hundreds of signatures from people in our communities calling for the Government to change its plans.

Presenting the petitions to Parliament is just another way in which I am fighting for a change of direction. I have already been to several debates in Parliament, been a founding member of the APPG for WASPI and met with WASPI women and men to give them a voice in Parliament.

*Pictured is Beth Williams – a Delyn WASPI campaigner – meeting with me in Parliament

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