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By David Hanson MP / Latest News / 0 Comments

Culture, Media and Sport Questions: Mobile Phone Roaming Charges

During Culture, Media and Sport questions I asked the Minister of State, Ed Vaizey MP, what protections can people expect on mobile phone roaming charges in Europe in the event of an exit on the 24th June.

The UK was at the vanguard of pushing for the abolition of roaming charges when people travel around the EU and use their mobile phone. This means that when you are on holiday, or on business, in the EU you pay the same for a mobile phone call as you would when you are in the UK.

This was a great achievement which was spearheaded by the UK, not only showing our power within the EU, but showing that the EU is working in the interests of UK citizens. Cutting the cost of holiday phone calls and the price of taking a business call whilst abroad in the EU.

The Minister agreed with me that this was a great achievement by the UK in the EU. He also noted that if we left the EU roaming charges would very likely be reinstated.