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Court of Appeal ruling on Bedroom Tax

I welcome the ruling by the Court of Appeal that the Bedroom Tax discriminates against domestic violence victims and families with disabled children.

The Bedroom Tax was introduced by the Coalition Government and saw people on housing benefits have their support cut if they were deemed to have too many rooms. This has seen people lose 14% to 25% of their housing benefit if the Government deemed them to be living in a home that has too many rooms.

This change to the housing benefit system has been hitting disabled and vulnerable people disproportionately. In Flintshire 1,500 people have been affected by this devastating tax.

I have continually voted against the implementation of the Bedroom Tax and has campaigned hard to have it repealed.

I’ve said it from day one. This is a horrible, nasty and small minded tax. It has forced many people out of their homes. Homes that were best suited for their needs.

I hope the Government will now change this policy in line with the ruling of the Court of Appeal. This policy has done nothing to help the Government’s housing crisis. Instead it has forced people further into poverty and placed huge stress onto families.

Not only has the Bedroom Tax failed to achieve its main goal, it has had bit disabled and vulnerable people the hardest. I believe that we should be doing all we can to help those most defenceless in our society and this means providing the help needed to live in a decent home.