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Concern over Holywell Cottage Hospital Site

Delyn MP David Hanson has met with Flintshire County Councillor Peter Curtis and Holywell resident Joe Johnson to hear their concerns over the possible demolition of Holywell Cottage Hospital.



David Hanson met with Joe Johnson and Cllr Peter Curtis outside the old cottage hospital which is 100 years old this May. There are plans to demolish the building and replace it with new housing on the site.

However, local residents want any development to incorporate the old building which has been apart of Holywell life for almost a century.

Joe Johnson said:

“We are all thrilled about the new Holywell Hospital but I know that many local residents feel there is still a place for the old cottage hospital building in our community.”

Cllr Peter Curtis said:

“It was important to meet with our local MP to raise our concerns over the building. Responding to my constituents concerns we will be making representations to the local health board asking that they reconsider their decision to allow the building to be demolished.”

David Hanson said:

“The Holywell Cottage Hospital has served the local community for 100 years and it is understandable that people want to keep the building and use it in some capacity.

“The old hospital did a superb job but having seen the new Holywell Hospital the people of Holywell now have in place the brand new facility that they deserve.

“I have campaigned for 20 years to get the new hospital and I know that local Councillors and Assembly Members have also worked very hard to make it possible.

“The hospital is already receiving patients and will open formally to the public very shortly.”