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Concern at Police Cuts

Delyn MP and former Policing Minister, David Hanson MP has once again expressed concern as Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary reveal a direct link between plans to cut 34,100 officers and staff over next four years and a predicted rise in crime.

HMIC has reported that the 43 police forces plan to cut 16,200 officers, 1,800 police community support officers and 16,100 police staff – a reduction of 14% in the police workforce. The reduction in uniformed police officers represents 11% of the 140,000 constables in the country.

The HMIC report claims that a 10% fall in officers will lead to a 3% rise in crime.

David Hanson said:

“This Tory-led Government has always denied that there is a direct link between police numbers and crime, but this report very clearly challenges that claim.

“After years of falling crime, the recent British Crime Survey told us that burglary is up by 14 per cent, domestic violence is up by a shocking 35 per cent, violent crime is up, including a 38 per cent increase in ‘assault with minor injury.’

“I will work closely with the police in North Wales but clearly Chief Constables have been put in an impossible position by the sheer scale and pace of the Government’s 20 per cent police cuts which go too far and too fast.

“North Wales Labour MPs plan to meet with Chief Constable in the next few weeks to discuss the impact of these cuts in North Wales.

“In Government we would have cut the police budget by 12% (around £1 billion) which Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary said was possible through efficiency savings which would not have affected frontline policing. But the Government is cutting 20% (around £2 billion), with the largest cuts in the first two years.


“Now is not the time for the Tory-led Government to take risks with community safety by cutting over 16,000 officers.”