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HS2 and Delyn

I have co-signed a letter to the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling MP, with MPs from North East Wales, Cheshire and beyond calling on Crewe to be made a hub train station when HS2 is completed.

Stakeholders across our region are agreed that we need Crewe to be a hub on the HS2 network that can provide good regional connectivity to North Wales, Cheshire and neighbouring counties. In order to function effectively as a hub and deliver 360 degree connectivity, the end solution must deliver the right frequency and extent of HS2 services, provide good cross platform connections for local services to HS2, and not result in any constrained capacity for classic train services to access and use the existing station.

In the view of all those that signed the letter, the proposals that we understand to have been under consideration fall short of being able to achieve these outcomes. We fear that unless the right solution is put in place now, as part of the once-in-a-generation investment that HS2 represents, our region will continue to under-perform for decades to come. Read more “HS2 and Delyn”

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Today, I pushed for my hereditary peers abolition Bill to be supported and introduced by the Government.

This week an election took place to one of the most exclusive group of legislators in the world. The House of Lords held a by-election to fill one of the 92 hereditary peer seats in the Lords. This follows the sad death of Lord Lyell, who was one of 15 hereditary peers elected by the whole House in 1999. The winner of the by-election will be able to make our laws, question ministers and have a platform on which to make their views heard.

The hereditary peers were a compromise by the last Labour Government to ensure that urgent reform was achieved. But this was only a stepping stone and the remaining 92 hereditary peers were never supposed to be a long-term feature of the new Lords.

I believe now is the time to remove the hereditary principle from our democracy once and for all. There are a large number of different opinions on how the Lords should be reformed, but there is a consensus that the hereditary peers should be scrapped once and for all. Read more “Abolition of Hereditary Peers”

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This week I met with the Royal British Legion to pledge my support for the ‘Count them in’ campaign. This campaign is being run because the Royal British Legion maintains that statutory and voluntary service providers are currently unable to fully meet the needs of the Armed Forces community as there is limited and patchy data available concerning their profile, needs and location.

This is disappointing given both the commitments that have been made by the UK Government in respect of honouring the Armed Forces Covenant, and the fact that the last census left us knowing more about the UK’s ‘Jedi Knight’ population than about those who have served their country. Read more “Count Them In Campaign”

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I attended a roundtable event in Parliament on Tuesday where North Wales Police and the National Police Chiefs’ Council on Crime and Rural Affairs demonstrated to MPs the issue of livestock thefts and worrying.

The police were calling on the public to help support their campaign to think carefully about how they interact around livestock. The true extent of livestock worrying and livestock attacks still requires a lot more research and understanding. The police are urging the public to contact them when they see livestock worrying or thefts to bring this crime under control.

Livestock worrying is an offence committed by anyone who owns, or is in charge of a dog which worries livestock. The term worrying means:

• Attacking livestock;
• Chasing livestock in such a way as may be reasonably expected to cause injury or suffering; in the case of ewes. This includes abortion or loss or reduction in the number of offspring;
• Not having a dog on a lead or under close control when close by, or in a field or enclosure with livestock.

The police want people with dogs to ensure their animals are on a lead and that livestock owners ensure that their boundaries are secure. If anyone sees any of these incidents they should contact either the 101 or 999 numbers. Read more “Livestock worrying and attacks”