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Campaigning to end the import of ivory

I have pledged his continued support to ban the import and trade in ivory.

I signed Early Day Motion 1032, which is calling on the Government to implement its manifesto commitment to end this abhorrent trade.

Elephants in central Africa could be extinct in our lifetime. 100,000 African elephants have been slaughtered in just three years. That equated to roughly one of every twelve African elephants. In central Africa we have seen the regional population decline by 64% in a decade.

Illegal wildlife trade has changed radically from what it once was. No more is it local people desperately trying to earn cash in an impoverished nation. Now large international Kingpins operate from their homeland country where poaching laws are weak at best or non-existent at worst. Kingpins arrange are separated by middlemen who recruit locals to take up poaching. In a nation where the minimum agricultural wage is about $100 a month the promise by the middlemen of $5,000 for every Rhino horn we can see why a spike has occurred in poaching.

I have long campaigned to bring illegal wildlife trade to an end. In north Wales we have already taken steps to tackle ivory trade. North Wales Police held an amnesty on ivory in 2011, which resulted in two elephant tusks being handed in.

If we fail to tackle illegal wildlife trade we will letting organised criminals get away scot-free. I am calling on the Government to implement its manifesto pledge so that we can help protect wildlife from this terrible crime.