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Campaign to Help Thousands of Older People Living in Cold Park Homes

Tens of thousands of older people living in park homes (sometimes referred to as static mobile homes) are putting their health at risk as they struggle to keep warm over the winter, due to the high cost of heating this particular form of accommodation, according to research by Age UK.

I pledged my support to the Charity’s new campaign for warm park homes at a launch event in Parliament on Wednesday 21 October. The campaign is calling on the government to roll out a specific energy efficiency scheme to help park home residents reduce their heating bills and keep warm and well over the winter.

In the UK, around 100,000 people aged 65 plus are estimated to live in this type of prefabricated bungalow, which appeals to many older people as an attractive and seemingly more affordable option than a traditional home. Yet the reality is that those park homes that were constructed before newer building regulations kicked in – and that’s the vast majority – are very poorly insulated and off the gas grid, making them extremely difficult and expensive to heat.

North Wales, and Flintshire in particular, has a large number of people living in park homes. But the very high energy costs and lack of insulation means temperatures can get very low in many of these properties over the winter months, leaving residents struggling to keep warm.

Park home residents need support to bring their homes up to modern day energy efficiency standards to enable them to stay warm affordably over the winter. To achieve this, I fully support Age UK’s campaign calling on the Government to provide a specialist energy efficiency scheme for Park Home residents. This way they can continue to living in their homes and enjoying our wonderful area without jeopardising their health and wellbeing.