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Campaign to End Dog Fighting

I have joined the campaign to finally bring an end to dog fighting in the UK. This follows the incident last year in Flint when the RSPCA were called out to a badger baiting, where a dog was forced to fight a badger. In this incident the badger faced a horrific death and the dog was in need of urgent veterinary attention.

Today, a campaign was launched in Parliament by The League Against Cruel Sports calling on the Government to introduce a tailor made law to ban dog fighting once and for all.

The Cruelty to Animals Act 1835 banned dog fights but left it to other laws to bring about sentencing guidelines. Not until the Animal Welfare Act 2006 was a maximum sentence of 51 weeks in prison introduced. But fewer than 40 successful convictions have been passed under the current law (between 2008 and 2014).

The campaign that launched today calls on the government to bring forward a law that makes it clear that if you take part in a dog fight you will be prosecuted.

Following last year’s dreadful incident in Flint last year, when a dog fight was held leaving a dog seriously injured, I believe that the law should be tightened on people who take part in dog fighting.

Dog fighting is not only a crime that is committed in urban areas, but it still continues in rural communities like ours. It is a barbaric act is causing untold pain and suffering to animals across the country. The Government must build upon previous reforms to bring dog fighting to an end.

This campaign was attended by a cross-party group of MPs and Peers. I hope that this will finally end this grotesque cruelty to dogs.