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Calling on the Government to bring forward audio and visual announcements on buses

I am calling on the Government to introduce amendments into its Bus Services Bill, which is currently in the House of Lords. The Bill as it stands aims to give elected mayors and local transport authorities the power to improve bus services for the people who use them and to give directly elected mayors London-style powers to franchise local services.

This Bill will be a great opportunity to introduce measures that make bus providers install audio and visual announcements for stops and the end of the route when travelling. This is commonplace within large cities like London, but so far bus companies have been reluctant to introduce this simple change voluntarily.

People who have hearing or visual impairments would benefit greatly from this technology being installed into the buses in Flintshire and would make the public transport in north Wales truly accessible.

I have written to the Minister responsible calling for the Bus Services Bill to include an amendment that makes it compulsory for bus companies to install audio visual announcements in all new buses.

This would make our public transport system truly accessible. It is clearly wrong that technology that has been available in our larger cities for years now still hasn’t reached communities like ours in Flintshire.

Buses provide a lifeline to rural communities like ours. Only when all bus companies introduce audio and visual announcements can we truly have public transport that works in the interests of everyone.