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Call to End the Tampon Tax

This week a vote was held on the inclusion of an amendment to end the VAT that is placed on women’s sanitary products. The vote would have put in place a framework where within three months of the passing of the Act, the Chancellor of the Exchequer would have to lay before both Houses of Parliament a statement on his strategy to negotiate with the European Union institutions an exemption from value added tax for women’s sanitary protection products.

The government defeated the amendment 305 to 287. This is the closest parliament has come to ending the Tampon Tax. I voted to end this discriminatory tax.

I do not believe that this will be the last time this deserving case is brought forward on the floor of the House. The Tampon Tax places an unfair taxation on women and has no place in modern Britain.

The government use the excuse that EU institutions would block any change. I believe that the UK should be leading the way within Europe for equality. The taxation system is an excellent place to start. Protection women’s rights has taken too long and this would have been an excellent initiative to move one step forward to reaching that goal.

I will continue to work with my colleagues to ensure that our system of taxation is fair and does not place a burden on one section of society.