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Business Statement: Snap Election

On Tuesday, the Leader of the House, David Liddington MP, gave a statement to the House of Commons that the Prime Minister will be seeking to ask the Commons to support a motion for a snap election – breaking the promise that she made seven times to the British public that she would not call a snap election. Citing how the country needs stability to face the issues before us.

I asked the Leader of the House if he could confirm to the House that if the two-thirds majority of the House the Government need to call a snap General Election is not made at what point will it call a vote of no confidence in itself – which is the only way for Parliament to be dissolved if the two-thirds majority is not reached.

The Leader of the House didn’t seemed to have thought about this and just reiterated that he hoped that two-thirds of the House would vote for the Prime Ministers huge U-turn and broken promise to the people of Delyn.