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By David Hanson MP / Latest News / 0 Comments

Budget Day Debate: Day 4

Yesterday, I spoke in the forth day of the Budget Debate. I put to the Chancellor that the only reason why he is performed a U-turn on Personal Independence Cuts – which would have affected over 1,200 people in Delyn – was not because of his concern for his pernicious attack on disabled people, but he realised that Parliament did not agree with his beliefs and would have blocked such harmful moves.

The Chancellor’s political beliefs mean that he wants to move resources from the poor to the rich, and to bring about a smaller state. In short ripping up the social contract between the Government and the people.

The Government have ignored north Wales. We received no funding for infrastructure investment. We need a rail link to Manchester airport, we need electrification of our railways, we need links to the new HS2 line. This is not a list of investment that we can go without, but investment that if we fail to receive will hold us back. Losing us jobs and growth in our local economy.

I voted against the Budget, sadly the Government won the vote.