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Backbench Business Debate: Welsh Affairs

On Thursday, my colleague Albert Owen MP secured a half day debate on Welsh Affairs to mark St. David’s Day which took place on Wednesday. It was a wide ranging debate that enabled MPs representing constituencies in Wales to bring to the fore issues and opportunities facing our communities.

I wanted to raise during the debate the large number of messages I have received from businesses in Delyn who are deeply concerned by the forthcoming increase in Business Rates. Business Rates are like Council Tax for businesses and the amount they are charged is based on the rate-able value of the premises.

Some businesses in Delyn are seeing their bills increasing by tens of thousands over the year and they believe that this will force closure and loss of jobs. The Government have fudged this rate rise, unlike the action taken by the Welsh Assembly. The Assembly put in a transitional period to ensure that businesses were able to adapt to the changes.

The Budget is next week and I will be watching carefully to see if the Government can put forward sensible measures to help businesses in our community. If they do not I will be voicing the concerns of local businesses loud and clear.

You can read the transcript of the full debate here.