Auto-Renewal Rip Off

I am continuing my campaign to make residents aware of the savings they could make if they shopped around for a new insurance quote.

Local employer, Moneysupermarket has recently undertaken research into the cost of auto-renewal insurance, and found that the average car insurance premiums in Delyn is £401. Meaning that the average car insurance premium in Delyn has seen a 19% increase in costs. They also found that the average home insurance premium is £103, which is a 4% fall in costs since last year.

Nationally drivers our losing £1.3 billion a year through failing to switch their car insurance provider.

Moneysupermarket found that the average incumbent energy tariff in Delyn is £1,107. Placing Delyn as the 470th most expensive constituency in the country for energy (650th = most expensive). If constituents were to switch on average they could save up to £307 compared to their current provider.

I have been working with Moneysupermarket to make drivers and home owners aware of the rip off that auto-renewal brings for many years. The unclear and unfair practices of renewing your car insurance is deterring drivers from switching insurance providers and leaving them out of pocket.

I am continuing my campaign to encourage Flintshire residents to compare insurance prices for their cars and their homes. Too many people are losing hundreds of pounds to insurance providers who are making their policies confusing and deterring people from switching.

With most consumers in Delyn seeing an increase in costs of 19% I want all people to look at their insurance and see if they could save yourself money. But this isn’t just a problem with car insurance firms, it is something that impacts upon home insurance as well. Don’t rely on auto-renewals as they can very often end up costing you more money than switching.

Unfair and unclear practices used by insurance companies are taking money away from people. Money that no one can afford to waste. I will continue to work in parliament to bring an end to this auto-renewal scandal.

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