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By David Hanson MP / Latest News / 0 Comments

Attorney General Questions: Pro Bono

Yesterday, I asked the Solicitor General when the Government would publish the number of hours of pro bono are available in each geographical area.

Pro bono legal work is when a lawyer provides legal help free of charge and as a public service. This can be because of the circumstances the individual seeking legal help finds themselves in. This benefits both the lawyers and the client. Client get the legal help they need and the lawyers are able to build upon their experience with the case.

The reason I ask the Minister this question is because the Government in the last Parliament cut legal aid budgets by £600 million. This budget is used to help fund cases for the most vulnerable. Due to the lack of resources this has caused more and more people are desperately asking for pro bono help.

I believe that once we can see where pro bono is being provided we will also see where the cuts to legal aid have had the most impact.

The Minister disregarded my request. The Government has continually run our justice system into the ground. We need a system that it does not matter if you are wealthy or poor to get a fair trial. However, if the Government continue down the path they travel this will become more the case.