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Action needed to tackle assaults on emergency workers

Yesterday, I attended a presentation by the Police Federation on the impact of assaults on the police and all other emergency workers.

At the event case studies were given by police officers who have been attacked whilst fulfilling their duty and protecting our communities. The session also outlined what the Police Federation were proposing to assist in such cases and indeed what needs to be done to provide a safer working environment.

Some of the potential solutions mentioned included changes to the often inadequate sentences, the use of spit guards and the use of Taser.

Current statistics show that 23,394 officers have been assaulted in England and Wales in the last year. That’s almost 2,000 a month. 450 a week. 64 a day. One every 22 minutes. That means a fifth of serving officers have been the victims of an assault in the past year. Within North Wales 221 police officers were assaulted.

Our police work tirelessly to ensure that our communities are kept safe. It is only right that we do all we can to provide the protection that our police need when they are attacked. That is why I support the calls from the Police Federation to introduce a new law for aggravated assaults on all emergency workers.

Currently, some protections are given to the police, but other emergency workers – such as paramedics and nurses – is not provided. It is about time that we brought forward a law for all our emergency workers.

The presentation given by the Police Federation contained some harrowing stories of attacks on police officers. Demonstrating that more is needed to be done. The Government must listen to the concerns of our emergency workers and bring forward legislation sooner rather than later.

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