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300,000 Workers Across Wales to Benefit From New Leave Entitlement from this week


Delyn MP David Hanson for today welcomed new leave entitlement which will benefit around 300,000 workers across Wales – and another rise in the minimum wage that will benefit 50,000 in the region from this week.


Up to six million workers across the UK, including 3.5 million women and 2.5 million men, will benefit from the extra annual leave – around 300,000 of them in Wales. The new leave entitlement helps fulfill the Government’s pledge to give an extra boost to workers who are made to take bank holidays out of their annual leave entitlement.

In addition, more than a million workers across the UK will be better off as a result of the minimum wage increases which, when combined with Working Tax credits and other benefits, will provide a guaranteed minimum income of at least £276 a week for families with one child and one full-time worker.

David Hanson said:

“This is great news for workers in Delyn and the 300,000 workers across Wales who stand to benefit from the increased holiday entitlement. 50,000 will also be better off thanks to the latest increase in the minimum wage.

“These changes show the Government is determined to do right by Britain’s hardworking families.

“The changes that come into effect this week will be backed up by a tough new minimum wage enforcement regime announced by the Government last month, including increased maximum fines for employers who flout the laws. Employers who do not pay the correct wages will have to repay arrears to their workers at a higher rate.”